• Software Development

    High Quality Software Your Business Can Rely On

    Delivering quality software on time, within budget is difficult. The results are staggering: 2 out of 3 IT projects fail. Without the right skills, tools and processes in place, delivering quality software on time, within budget is nearly impossible.

  • Software Architecture

    Reliable and Flexible Systems that Work Together

    Many information systems today are poorly designed simply because a design was never deliberately implemented. These systems just evolved with programmers typically following what they had done in their previous job. This usually results in systems that cannot evolve with the business, cost a fortune to maintain and many times need to be replaced within five years.

  • Project Completion

    Finally Get that Troubled Project Finished

    Do you have a challenging project that needs to be completed? One of the most difficult things for most developers is to understand someone else's code. The vast majority of systems today don't have sufficient documentation thereby making it necessary to reverse-engineer the existing code base. We have deep experience with completing projects like this.

Welcome to Dolphin IT Consulting. Our passion is delivering software solutions to IT shops based on the Microsoft™ technology stack.

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