About Us

Dolphin IT Consulting was formed to make a difference in IT. This journey started back in 1997 when its President and Chief Software Architect, Michael Petty, began working as a professional software developer.

During this period of time, Michael had written millions of lines of code, had written thousands of programs and had designed hundreds of databases. He has worked in all phases of the software development lifecycle to include requirements, analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance and retirement. He's worked in the roles of senior developer, team lead, architect and IT manager. During his career, Michael always focused on learning and improvement - always looking for better ways to build software for businesses. In addition, Michael has worked for companies as small as 6 employees to companies as large as 30,000 employees. The kind of systems he's worked on range from highly scalable batch oriented systems to large and complex interactive systems to systems integration to customer-facing mobile web apps.

In addition to his experience, Michael has completed both Bachelor's and Master's degrees majoring in IT. These days, he's been implementing mobile web apps and cloud-based solutions to help companies leverage the next wave of technologies to their best advantage.

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